New Harry Potter movie series in the works

It was just announced (Variety) that J.K. Rowling will make her screenwriting debut scripting the first in a series of movies based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a fictitious book which is a non-fiction textbook at Hogwarts in the world of Harry Potter. No release dates have been announced yet.

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    • At least it isn’t a reboot, eh?

      I have often wondered why we don’t see this sort of thing more. Some stories setup a really great universe and the “main” story line is but only one of the possible tales to tell within it. I’d much rather see something of this sort than to have the same material rehashed over and over…

      • I’ll be curious to see what comes out of it, I think Star Trek is the only movie franchise has told multiple types of stories in the same universe and even then it’s the same basic protagonists.

        Them and Alien, Prometheus was a new spin on that.

        • Technically, all of the current Marvel “Phase” movies are done that way too. They share a common universe, exchange some characters, but also stand on their own. One could call the various Phase One movies prequels to The Avengers but that isn’t necessarily true.

          That’s a bit different tactic than we see here, however.

          Some other movies from certain writers and/or directors also share a universe, such as various Tarantino movies and the movies/books by Bret Easton Ellis. Not sure I’d count those in the same way.

          And if you listen to the even weirder theories, all Pixar movies share a universe… Not sure I buy that one yet though.

          It’s much more rampant in TV with spin-offs and such though. I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off more in movies.

          • I guess the difference with Marvel and Star Trek is the universe was generated existed outside of the movies so they had a huge audience from that and could afford to build a rich universe rather than relying on just plot and characters. I guess the new Potter stuff is similar in that regard, all the books are the same but books and tv shows seem to build a stronger community than movies and that really helps the universe in the movie.

            That might be the secret, I love a lot of Tarantino and Pixar movies but I don’t really care about their universe, I’m not going to watch a movie because it’s set in the Kill Bill universe, but I’m more likely to watch something in the Star Trek/Wars or Marvel universe, and probably the Potter universe as well.

      • I agree. The more I read and the more I process this, the more I like the idea. The world she created was so vast and vibrant that a, I don’t know, side-quel, seems like a good idea. It’s not retreading the old material and it’s not retelling a prequel story (which really don’t surprise anyone, since we know how they’ll turn out)

        I remain cautiously optimistic.

  1. No fair! We get this, but I don’t have my Silmarillion movie? I’d be willing to accept in in Lego or “flash mob in a food court” form at this point.

  2. Speaking of movies possibly in connected universes: Apparently Luc Besson wants to take advantage of all the advances in special effects and make another Fifth Element movie. Not a reboot or remake, but possibly in the same universe or connected to it.

    I’d watch it!

    • Ooo… Yeah, I’d go for that. I was always impressed with the universe they created around Fifth Element, the future they created. Very entertaining and interesting. I’d love to see more in that universe. Thanks for sharing that!

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