The prevailing opinion in the review of Daredevil: Out
seems to be that readers would prefer to see comic reviews
cover trade paperbacks and complete story arcs, rather than
single issues. These and other options will be suggested below;
if you have a preference, let us know.

One option is to review all titles in trades or story arcs. This will
cut down on the actual number of comic reviews (but not the
number of comics reviewed), and make the stories easier to
score in most cases. Some titles, however, don’t use story arcs.
Supreme Power for example, is an ongoing saga
deal, so reviewing that will every five or six issues might feel a bit

Another option is to continue as now, reviewing titles with every
issue. This will mean we’ll get more articles here, but the stories
being reviewed won’t be complete, and those with no interest in
comics will have more articles to sift through to reach the stuff
they are looking for.

A third option seems to make the most sense to me: we can
review the first issue of a new title, or the first issue of an old title
with a new creative team, so people get a feel for how the new
direction is going. After that first issue, we wait for the first
complete story arc and review from there. So, for example,
David Mack will be taking over writing duties on Ultimate
from Brian Michael Bendis in an upcoming story
arc. We could review his first issue as writer, and then hold the
reviews until after his first arc is complete. Similarly, we’d review
Ultimate Six #1 this week when it’s released, and
then hold off on other reviews of the title until all six issues are

If you have a preference among these, or if you can think of an
option not listed here, let us know.