Site rollback to yesterday afternoon

Due to my own cartoonish ham-handed-ness in accidentally erasing the site’s content directory and database, I’ve had to restore the site from a backup taken yesterday. Any comments posted since then are probably lost forever, and will be replaced by comments on this post about how silly David is for doing such a thing.

10 replies on “Site rollback to yesterday afternoon”

  1. Well, if you think I’m reposting that excellent 10,000-word illustrated post about the significance of the image of dust bunnies in the work of several obscure SF writers, you have another thing coming, Dave.

  2. There was a comic podcast poll up here yesterday, which had very little response in the first 12 hours. I’ve decided to record pilot episodes for all options and repost the poll when people actually have something to refer to and vote on.

  3. Feel for you, having done similar things in the past. Recovery is always painful, even if you have good backups. I usually find that alcohol (or whatever your preferred substitute might be) helps ease the pain. :)

  4. Apropos of nothing, anyone know of a cheap-to-free cloud service with a Linux CLI client, a bit of revision history, and 4-5GB accounts? Basically, something to better protect from things like this. (The backup I had was a snapshot of the whole server, which is why it was rolled back over 16 hours.)

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