3 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament: Week One: Round One”

  1. Haven’t seen most of those ones. No doubt the ones I have seen will be turning up over time.

    Had a tough call on Blake’s 7, though. In the beginning, it was definitely above average. But the last season or so did kind of tank. Still, the direction it took was believable given the characters involved so does that offset the general suckage that developed?

  2. I, too, hadn’t seen most of these, and the ones I had seen were average or so. Looking forward to some better or more passionate match-ups. :-)

  3. It does appear that the alphabetical divisions came out with a somewhat bland first round. So far, “Never Seen It” is more than 50% of the vote for all titles except Spider-Man (1967). Give it time. The best known titles in the tournament run for about 16 consecutive weeks starting with week 4. Last week’s announcement has all titles in the weeks they came out.

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