“Lost In Space” News

A Bureau 42 reader known as memfiss99 has pointed us to three
press releases (here,
here, and here) about Lost In
. The WB has agreed to pick up a new series based
on the 1960s original, and a DVD release of the first season of
the original series is on the way. It looks like Will Robinson is still
in danger, after all.

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  1. Will Robinson
    Bill Mumy, who played the
    original Will Robinson, will be playing with his
    band The Jenerators this Saturday, October 18th, at Rusty’s Surf Ranch
    on the Santa Monica Pier in California. Also in the band is actor Miguel
    Ferrer, cousin of George Clooney, bad guy from RoboCop, and FBI agent
    in Twin Peaks among other things.

    They’re definitely worth catching, if you’re in the area.

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