Jake 2.0 Discussion – “The Good, The Bad, and the Geeky”

I’m not sure if this really is the episode tonight; UPN’s site hasn’t been
updated at this point, so I pulled the only episode title not yet accounted
for from the epguides.com listings.

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  1. Actually….
    Just watched “Last Man Standing” episode on local UPN affiliate.

    Comments on “Last Man Standing”:
    Not too shabby!

    I will try and keep this a bit vague to leave out spoilers…
    The more I watch this show the more I am enjoying it. The writers are consistently keeping aspects of the story unique.

    We all knew that a “failure” of Jake’s powers was coming. It’s an absolute cliche for ANY super hero type powers… they have to loose them or be threatened this death by them.
    However, the writers pulled out a twist that I didn’t see coming even with the little hints they dropped for you to realize later.

    As for the last dance… man can he be cold… but even my wife was chearing when Jake made his choice.

    Ohhh one more cliche… geeky girl gets a makeover… ohh well.

    Overall… great episode… and I didn’t have to watch my Cubs loose so :}

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