9 replies on ““Amazing Spider-Man 2” trailer now live”

  1. Fez says:

    I’m not crazy about Elecro’s look, or the Goblin’s hair, but it can’t possibly be worse than Emo Peter.

    From what little we see of Rhino in the trailer, I think I’ll like it.

    Anyone else notice Doc Oc’s pack and Vulture(?)’s wings in there?

    • Rabit says:

      Yeah, but I’ll be disappointed if they say the Goblin was involved in creating _all_ those villains. That’ll be pretty disappointing…

      • Fez says:

        Vulture’s tech makes sense to be there, at least in some incarnations Vulture claimed that Oscorp stole his technology.

        I think Doc Ock also worked at Oscorp in one line, Wikipedia seems to say it’s the Ultimate version.

        While they maybe didn’t create them, they may be trying to copy/clone the tech that they’ve observed in some way (spying, theft, etc)

        • Rabit says:

          Agreed on Vulture. I guess, for me, Doc is such as interesting concept in his original origin (inventing the arms for work in a lab and having an accident “fuse” them, etc.) that I’d hate to have them turn him into just a guy in a powered harness.

    • JD DeLuzio says:

      I thought they were going to introduce the villains over the next two movies, but this still has potential. And Peter has always tended towards the emo.

      • Fez says:

        I was referencing the Spider-Man 3 Emo Peter that was … not so good.
        He’s always been angsty and such, but I think they took it a bit too far in that one.

        I really hope that they aren’t falling into the same Spider-Man 3 trap by having so many villains together in a single film.

        • JD DeLuzio says:

          Agreed. The only way to introduce them as a group is to tie in their origins, and that can hurt the unique characterization of each. The multi-villain movie also tends to scimp on the other aspects of the film, so that we end up with a good premise for a videogame, but a lousy dramatic experience.

  2. Ogre says:

    I didn’t see the first one so I don’t know if it wa the same, but just watching that trailer in 720p I have to say that the CGI (specifically Spider Man) is a bit on the “cartoony” side for my taste.

    • JD DeLuzio says:

      Based on the first movie, I’m assuming (hoping) that these are incomplete CGI shots, and they’ll be polished/finished before the final release. This sort of thing happens in early trailers.

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