Disney acquires “Indiana Jones”

Variety has the details. Indiana Jones is now owned by Disney. Paramount still distributes the first four films, and they can share in financial obligations and rewards in future films, but new projects are under Disney’s control.

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  1. Well, this is just goofy.

    What’s he gonna do? Shake his head at the Beatles on Ed Sullivan? Yell at the hippies to get off Yasgur’s lawn? Search for the lost Walker of Doom?

    • My hope is for more of the Young Indiana Jones type stuff. World adventures in the early 1900s.

      As long as it’s not more Mutt and Crystal Skulls… Good thing those don’t exist. At all.

      • I don’t think Mutt’s a bad idea per se. Shia Labeuf was the bad idea. And no one able to tell George, “Dude, your script sucks ass. Check your ego and actually try writing something that makes at least a modicum of sense.”

        • Even Shia wasn’t that bad. He played the part as written. The biggest problem I saw was that it was an entirely different structure and intent from its predecessors. They threw out the 1930s serial format, favoring the 1950s alien invasion format, because Lucas thought the “50 year old homage” element was more important to audiences than the specific homage the franchise was built on. Had they told that story with an entirely new cast of characters, they could have made it work, or at least work better.

          The second big problem is the one you mentioned. Lucas is far better with editing and outlines than with scripts. To put it another way: the big budget project Lucas made with the highest level of creative control was the Star Wars Christmas Special. Look at how that turned out…

  2. My gut says the most immediate outgrowth of this will be felt in the parks. The Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland is awesome and I don’t think it’s replicated at the other parks (there’s an Indiana Jones stunt show in DisneyWorld). Maybe those rumors of a whole Star Wars land might be true and they’ll go whole hog on Lucas properties in Florida.

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