6 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament – Week 10, Round One”

  1. Wow, I haven’t seen a single one of those. I saw an episode or two of Amazing Stories when I was young but I barely remember it so I abstained.

    • I watched the first few eps of Amazing Stories, and then bailed. It was okay, but I found it quite a bit less amazing than I suspect Spielberg and company had hoped.

  2. Actually a pretty good week for me, but possibly because a few of the shows are British, I’m not sure some of these shows have even made it over here on DVD yet, let alone aired on TV…

    Incidentally, the poll title says it’s “Week 8”, but it’s actually “Week 10”.

  3. I actually enjoyed Crusade a great deal (getting past the crap the studio made them deal with), but then I was a B5 fan, also, so probably not a surprise, there. ;-)

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