8 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament – Week 14, Round 1”

      • Hey, no dissing seaQuest! :-D

        Sadly, that was really three different shows – each season had a completely different feel and style to it. I honestly never imagined it would be included in this.

        Personally, glad to finally see B5! :-) Just rewatched the series over the past couple months. Impressive stuff. Not great dialog – JMS kinda sucks in that department – but plot, environment, foreshadowing, and lots of other areas were just great.

  1. I’m apparently able to access previous weeks voting, and turn them back to accepting responses.

    Is there some security issue? I’m also able to view responses (from Round One, week 13, specifically.

    For example, there were 42 repsonses in Week 13, the last one was:
    04/02/2014 11:38:14 Above average Average Below average Haven’t seen it Haven’t seen it Below average Above average Average

    I didn’t do anything crazy or try to gain access. I just clicked a link and it asked me If I wanted to Resume collecting responses, and then gave me direct access to the responses.

      • It seems to be good now.

        Not sure what happened, but it seemed to think I was somebody who had more rights to the doc than I should have. But now it doesn’t act like that anymore.

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