Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament: Week 20, Round 1

The latest round of voting takes place here. We know that we are including Battle of the Planets and Space: Above and Beyond, while we have eliminated Andromeda, Roswell, Star Trek: Voyager, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Transformers and V (2009).

5 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament: Week 20, Round 1”

    • It’s a nice idea, but it includes a bias. I just looked up “The X-Files” on it, and you can see a steep increase through season 9. That flies in the face of the ratings at the time; if you go through by episode (as I did to prepare for the podcasts) you’ll see that the number of voters steadily decreases that season. I suspect that people who gave the early episodes low ratings simply weren’t voting later on. If you don’t have some sort of weighting based on number of votes, things will skew in that manner.

      • After playing around a bit I noticed the same thing. Essentially, fans keep voting (unusually high) and others stop watching or don’t care enough to vote on the individual episodes.

  1. Bummer. Gurren Lagann didn’t make the cut. Thus far all of the anime series I’d reviewed had at least made it the tournament. I’d hoped that that one would make it to round 2.

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