writes, Just in case any of you are not aware, there is a report
that Peter Jackson has cut Christopher Lee (aka Saruman) from
the theatrical release of Return of the King. This has annoyed a
few people and a petition has been started (which you can sign
if you are interested). Personally I’m a bit miffed because from
what I have been told (for I am sinner I have not read the
hallowed tome’s that is Lord of the Rings) it is kind of pivotal
section and needed, or is it?
The unconfirmed allusion at
the end of the article about Lee’s scenes showing up on the
extended four disk DVD have been confirmed by Peter Jackson.
It seems Lee’s scenes were all placed at the start of the movie,
and it felt more like a wrap-up of The Two Towers
than a kickoff of Return of the King. (Remember, the
movies don’t have time for the Scouring.)