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  1. Heh
    Big question is not will it last… but how long till she is on the team to create the 2 women both liking Jake again… :}

  2. Tone Gets An Upgrade
    The tone of JAKE 2.0 has taken its most dramatic turn since the series debuted. Through ten episodes, the editing, pace, and overall style of the show has tweaked; it’s grittier, sexier, and now darker.

    By the end of “The Spy Who Really Liked Me,” the tone of J2.0 had neared an X-FILES level. A secret echelon of the NSA is revealed, where “non-traditional” trials are held and, no doubt, summary judgements are passed. Jake and his superiors now must contend with an uncertain future under a watchful eye.

    I’m glad to see the introduction of this contrast. So long as the series maintains its humor and charm, these darker elements should find a nice counterbalance.

    And I’ll stay hooked.

  3. Music
    Does anyone know the song that was playing at the end of the episode when Jake “rescued” Theresa?? Please Help!

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