6 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament – Round 3, Week 36”

  1. crow says:

    It hurt to vote against Crusade, but Twin Peaks was something special, and Crusade was Fireflyed before it had a chance to grow.

    • J_W_W says:

      Agreed. That was my toughest vote of the whole contest. But like you said Crusade was just a shadow (heh) of what it could have been.

  2. There are a few votes in round four I’m not looking forward to. It’ll just get tougher every week, and we only have six weeks left.

  3. Fez says:

    Most of this week’s were easy, except making me choose between Better off Ted and Eureka. That’s cruel.

    It sure isn’t getting any easier.

  4. JD DeLuzio says:

    I voted Twin Peaks even though everything after the first half-season could probably be investigated as a war crime. And I really like Max Headroom, but there’s no way, in terms of influence and overall enjoyment, I could vote for it over TOS.

  5. krimfuk22 says:

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