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  1. Looking at all of round 4 there was only one tough decision for me and it was on this week’s… Firefly vs Stargate SG-1.

      • I’m not looking forward to “Batman: The Animated Series” vs. “The X-Files” or TOS vs. DS9. I’m also a little disappointed (though not surprised) that we didn’t get the two versions of Doctor Who going head to head, although we may still have a “Twilight Zone” showdown (which would probably be very one sided.)

        • Just a thought, but where there are multiple imagings of a given series perhaps we could have a kind of addendum to the tournament were we vote for which version is preferred? Similarly, we could put all the various spin-offs from series like Trek, SG1, etc. up against each other. I can guess how a few of those votes would probably go, but it could be very interesting to see what the percentage breakdowns might be.

          • We could, but I think the results are pretty representative of what we see in this tournament. A lot of the Trek series came out spaced well apart in the voting. Oddly, looking at results, the “difficult” choices people grumble about tend to end up one-sided in the final votes, while nobody has mentioned the voting that actually came out neck-in-neck.

      • Same here, Firefly was good, but Fox’s treatment of it excluded it from becoming truly great in my view – which it absolutely would have done given time to develop and tell more of the story. I’m voting based on what we got (or have, in the case on-going series), not through some rose-tinted spectacled view of what might have been, which does make some of the tougher decisions a bit easier.

        • I think I posted on B42 years ago that I just can not get into Firefly. I’ve tried watching it on 5 separate occasions now and it just doesn’t interest me. Not sure why. :-/

            • Yeah, it just boils down to each his own. When I was in elementary school a teacher started a “Comic Book Club”. I was all excited but once I got in I found out it was really more of an X-Men club and if you didn’t read X-Men there wasn’t much to do/talk about, so I stopped going.

              I like when the internet let’s me share.

        • I used the same sort of logic. Firefly was a good premise that could have gone far, but SG-1 actually got to go all of those places (and more) and probably touched on some harder Sci-Fi elements than Firefly would have dared to attempt during its lifetime on Fox.

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