Whole Lotta Trek Updates

Gotta love The Wire. Production on the series finale of Voyager is underway, and the rumor mill says Patrick Stewart is working on a draft of the next Trek movie that includes the death of Captain Picard. (Hopefully, he won’t decide to have a half-dozen novels ghost-written where he brings himself back from the dead.)

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  1. A grain of salt

    According to StarTrek.com John Logan is the signed writer for Trek X, so this news may conflict with the "official" word.

    I am psyched to hear that Alan Rickman is part of the cast. I think he’s a gifted actor and a superb villian. I’m anxious to seem him in ‘Harry Potter’ and now Trek X. Pretty cool!

  2. Stewart
    Stewart had allegedly written such a script for the

    last one or two Trek movies as well, it’s a common

    rumour. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but yes, John

    Logan is signed to write STX…

  3. If you can read this…
    … then Dave knows the loophole in the code he should get around to closing. :)

  4. Pay no attention to the previous comment.
    I was trying to break the system, but Dave done built it good. You can’t post comments to articles that don’t exist…

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