Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament – Week 7, Round 41 (of 42)

The list has been winnowed down to a final four contenders. Place your votes here. You can see the brackets here, including the three statistical upsets in last week’s four votes.

6 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament – Week 7, Round 41 (of 42)”

  1. crow says:

    The title needs to be fixed. It’s not a Film tournament. Cut-and-paste error?

    • Brian says:

      Thanks for the eagle-eyes. It’s fixed.

      Normally, we’d whip the offending editor, but since Blaine’s Canadian, a stern tongue-lashing is more than sufficient.

    • Not a cut and paste error, but I distracted brain error. This was prepped just before rewatching a movie for an upcoming “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament” podcast. Thanks for pointing it out, and thanks to Brian for fixing it.

  2. Fez says:

    I think I’ve reached peak “Meh”. While I certainly enjoy the series that remain (aside from B5), I’m not very passionate about any of them.

    Although some part of me would find it absolutely hysterical if DS9 won. :-)

  3. J_W_W says:

    A battle between giants at the top of the draw. The bottom bracket not so much.

    Hoping next week I will get a chance to vote for the which space station based Sci-Fi is the best. ;-)

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