The Lathe Of Heaven

I don’t recall whether Ursula K. LeGuin came up in the recent discussion of “cool SF that should be made into a movie but hasn’t.” Anyway, “The Lathe Of Heaven” is coming — to A&E, no less. Read all about it.

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  1. The Lathe Of Heaven
    Uh, Sorry guys but it has been made into a movie before. Go look it up on You can even purchase it on VHS or DVD.

  2. Iain Banks?
    I haven;t seen or read lathe of heaven, but i was certain that i’d heard the name ‘Orr’ in a book recently…

    Iain Banks’ book ‘The Bridge’ is about a guy known as John Orr, who has strange dreams and a doctor who deals with the dreams. i’ll have to buy ‘lathe’ now and see if there are any more similarities.

    Random – offtopic – whatever ;)

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