Historical Strangeness

Due to unforseen technical difficulties, some comments have been resurrected from beyond the grave.

I typoed a database update, and a couple hundred comments from about three years ago were updated so that the database thinks those comments were made today.

Shouldn’t hurt anything, but it might look weird (especially if you look at the stats page and see a bunch of comments made on articles from three years ago.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

One reply

  1. something old, something new?
    Whilst I’m thinking about it… Lest you think it was forgotten, at some point I *will* get round to implementing that new layout that was being discussed a while back. Waaaaay too much of the site’s HTML layout is tied into the code itself, and I’d never properly refactored it all out and put things in their places. It’s slow work.

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