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  1. Not sure how I feel about the Light Claymore (can’t call that one a saber), or about the lens flare, but I do like the overall look and feel. You can tell there are some more practical effects and models, or perhaps a lot more realistic CGI, but it definitely looks better than I’d expected.

      • That’s a popular image for sure, but it doesn’t grab my attention. As cool as these ships are, I don’t want to see them spending this much time within an atmosphere. Call me old fashioned, but I like my spaceships in space.

        • I also look forward to seeing the spaceships in space, but I gotta admit, the battle scenes on Hoth were some of my favorites from the original series, so… :-)

          I am, however, completely withholding judgement until I see something that actually has interesting information on what the movies might be about. Short, out-of-context glimpses just don’t give me anything. :-\

        • Gorblummit, in my day, a ratchet was a tool, Black Friday was a bad thing, and spaceships flew in space.

  2. The casting of Max Von Sydow as a villian(?) in this movie has me wondering.

    Max has played a bald villain before, also he’s in his 80’s. So off I will go speculating. Luke is in his 60’s, and is about as old as the Empire itself at the start of Star Wars. The Inquisitor in the new Star Wars Rebels series (you know the one that had to be rushed into production, canceling the final season of Clone Wars) is an Adult facing off against Kanan and Ezra (who incidentally, if born on Empire day is just a few months older than Luke and Leia). Theeennn if you assume that the Inquisitor survives or disappears somewhere in Rebels cartoon run, would it be inconceivable for him to be played by Max Von Sydow in Episode VII?

    Is Disney really tying the universe together across that many different shows and movies. Have they ever done this type of tie in before? Oh, wait…. yeah.

    • Since the new animated series is supposed to be part of the new canon, it would certainly make sense for it to tie into both the original trilogy and the new one, but I’m not so sure about the Inquisitor. Having the character appear in Episode VII would mean that the character not only becomes unkillable in Rebels but also has to vanish from the stage for at least the duration of the original trilogy and (presumably) quite some way beyond. I do like the idea that Max von Sydow’s character was in some way present during the events of Episode III-VI and that might somehow have a bearing on the plot though.

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