4 replies on “The Shadow (1994): Silver Screen Superheroes #25”

  1. So, the version of The Shadow used in the film is kind of a combination of the pulp and radio drama versions. In the pulps, The Shadow’s true identity is Kent Allard, and Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane are two of his agents, and The Shadow frequently assumes Cranston’s identity. The Shadow’s network of agents also comes from the pulps.

    The Shadow’s radio incarnation has the ability to cloud people’s minds, and it also has the limitations that his powers can’t cloud touch, hide footprints, or hid his presence if he’s standing in a liquid. This version of The Shadow doesn’t carry a gun, normally, and also doesn’t wear any sort of disguise.

  2. I would say that James Bond– at least certain film versions– qualifies as a superhero. Since you asked, I’d say Sean Connery and Daniel Craig give the best takes on the character. It would be interesting to address, even as a side-topic, the various isms (race, class, sex) that are most prominent in the novels, but not absent, especially from the earlier films.

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