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  1. To All who loved Jake 2.0
    Jake 2.0 was cut down in it’s prime…
    but I will be Damned if I wont fight for the last 4 produced ones.

  2. Jake 2.0
    Give the show a chance…Its fun and these reality shows have
    just about run their course. I have had enough reality this past
    couple of years to last the rest of my life. I’m 60 and I enjoy
    indulging in a bit of fantasy now and again… this is good clean fun.

    Peter Reinitz

    • Re: Jake 2.0

      Give the show a chance…Its fun and these reality shows have
      just about run their course. I have had enough reality this past
      couple of years to last the rest of my life. I’m 60 and I enjoy
      indulging in a bit of fantasy now and again… this is good clean fun.

      I totally agree. I am a thity two year old teacher in England. I too am rather tired of these reality shows which are not only cheap, mindless visual spam, but also do little to uphold any degree of morality in today’s youth culture. I was delighted to view Jake 2.0 as a return to the fantasy type genre of entertainment I remember from my own childhood where it was regarded as cool to be good and decent – and the hero is, for once, someone I would be pleased to see children trying to emulate (as opposed to the jewelry laden, swearing thugs they so love, or the impossibly thin and beautiful woman girls try to become). I did not know the show had been cancelled until I saw your site. Is it only one series then? And is that one incomplete? I do wonder why SKY chose to buy it in if only to tantalise us briefly and then snatch it away again. I have already lost some of my favourite shows to these brutal cancellations (Farscape, Angel) which due to the nature of their demise are left without conclusion. I need closure! Oh well, just thought I’d add my bit… The fact that I also quite fancy the boyish Christopher Gorham (which my husband chooses to ignore) is merely one more reason for these faceless execs to reconsider their decision!!
      Peter Reinitz

  3. 1 of 4 good shows on the air
    I used to watch a lot of TV. With the coming of “REALITY” TV though I am down to 4 shows a week that I will actually turn off the computer, ps2, heck even the regular nintendo is more fun. Jake 2.0, Tru Calling, I’m with her, and fastlane..wait fastlane was cancelled as well. #4 must be john doe then…no wait that was cancelled also. I got it, has to be birds of prey. what was I thinking, that too was cancelled. Make that 3 shows I currently watch on tv. How exactly is it decided when a show is cancelled. Do they pick new shows out of a hat and put them up against long time award winning shows, just so they can see them fail? I am paying way too much money for TV as it is, with the way the programming is going I wont be paying for any TV. Just watch what peasant vision is showing or buy some dvd’s.

    P.S……BAH to ALL “REALITY” shows

  4. yo whats the matta with you?!
    Listen up yo. Jake 2.0 is the only show on television with the combined and balanced elements of action, love, and drama.
    Reality shows-TOO MUCH DRAMA.
    Talk shows- TOO MUCH LOVE.
    Jake 2.0- Enuf of everything to make an amazing show.

    Hear. What the producers of Jake 2.0 dont understand is that what they make do not belong to them. They make works of art, which are the property of everyone.

    Not only does Jake 2.0 have the right to be televised for the next ten years, it has the responsibility to share as much as it can with its loyal fans.

    If this gets read by ANYONE who has ANY power to make the last 4 episodes of Jake 2.0 be aired on TV, then PLEASE!!!
    E-mail me so I can yell atch you.

    [email protected],

    Save the show yo.

  5. Save “Jake 2.0”
    I’ve been a fan of Jake 2.0 since it debuted. From the very first episode, I found it to be one of the most original and innovative series on the TV on any channel. I for one do not want to see it die. In the same fashion we brought Star Trek back from the dead, I think if we let the network know how we feel we can bring it back. Though I hope it doesn’t take 20 years.

  6. wrote a letter to UPN 9

    New Page 1

    (This is the letter I wrote to UPN 9)           

    To Whom it May Concern:
    I have recently become hooked on one of your television programs (Jake 2.0) and
    much to my disappointment, I find out that it has been canceled. It seems to me
    that every time I become a regular viewer of a program, some program director
    decides to cancel it, leaving me like a book with the last few chapters ripped
    out. Without fail, it is replaced with the same regurgitated so called “reality
    TV” that stations like Fox 5 pump out on a daily basis. I have always looked at
    UPN 9 as a leader in network programming that didn’t follow the pack, it seems I
    couldn’t have been more wrong.
    Now instead of channel surfing for hours every night, I am considering the
    purchase of a TIVO, this way I wont be subject to the daily force feeding of
    mind numbing television that seems to be taking over the lineup.


    Devin Pardias

    (This is the response from UPN 9)              

    Thank you for your recent email. UPN 9 values the comments and concerns of our
    viewers and we are pleased that you have taken the time to write to us. “Jake
    2.0” has been put on hiatus. It will return in February. To view the TV schedule
    for the week for UPN, log onto http://www.wwortv.com and click on the link “What’s on
    UPN 9,” here you will find a list of the shows and summaries for the week.
    Again, thank you for writing to us. We hope you continue to enjoy watching UPN 9


    Viewer Services

  7. Jake 2.0 What I think happened: Easy fix!
    When UPN moved Jake 2.0 from Tuesday to Wednesday evening, they lost a lot of viewers. OC came on at the same time. My son chose OC over Jake 2.0. There is a bunch of dead shows on UPN during other times of the week. If they would change the show time, a lot more people would watch Jake. Reality shows really are sucking up the viewers. Hope people get tired of them soon so TV can get back to normal!

  8. Jake 2.0
    [Text of letter to UPN producer]
    How do you survive a Jakeless January? The stricken tube shouts out every Wednesday: SAVE THE SHOW!
    I am not the average viewer: in my house the terrible tube is mute for all but Sam Champion’s weather–timed exactly for 11:18 p..m,, then pull the plug immediately at the car commercial and the idiot sports announcer with the room temperature I.Q.—and 2 hours for Smallville and Jake. By an accidental convenience they sequenced on separate channels. After a few episodes I realized that Jake was more fantastic than Superkid.
    Christopher Gorham is so first rate, I thought that I was watching the novelty of a hit that was accidentally worth seeing. What happened?
    Jake is star of this politically corrected script that follows in obedient compliance the dogma dictate of Holllywood–government monitored and financed for psychopolitical conformity to the megacorporation that hijacked America successively since the Confederacy tried to stop it in 1861. Ideology today: the white male must never be observed as superior or competent, but must always compliantly obey his superior inferiors. He must always be flawed and inadequate and must never be among others of his kind in a natural equality. His worth is measured in proportion to this compliance with corporate arrogance in historic anticulture.
    If the show failed it was in the cast of boring antiheroes around him. Jake was the only vitality worth seeing: the circle around him, as a psychopolitical noose, ranges from boredom to a social pathology. That is the psychology of political correctness.
    To save the show put Jake around someone worth knowing. That means original thought and emancipation from the collective whores of Hollywood who can not keep their paradigms out of the gutter without using a towtruck. Then give him a time slot that is not the most popular night of the week. Friday and Monday are both better with a repeat “easyview” like the culturally castrated characters of Smallville.
    Christopher Gorham is a hard worker with talent. The show succeeds only because of him, he has a combination of qualities that are quietly charismatic, unlike the media meatheads of corporate nerddom. He needs another context than the multiculture of psychopolitical peons. Like the medieval morality plays in England, all media is a moral psychodrama. Hollywood, too, has its government financed dogma that dictates who’s hot and who’s not. Michael Worth is absolutely fantastic but not a Hollywood hack and so he is dumped from the screen to the karate circuit. Ashton Kutcher is a hit because he integrated white maledom into a family of culturally deprived jerks and a flamboyant bimbo. His talent was that he succeeded as the only really funny diversion on the tube. Since that is not Gorham’s style I suspect that he was hired, like Richard Thomas, not for worth but because he married a Mexican and spoke Spanish.
    I will send this to jake when I find where the hell he is.–D.S.

  9. Last 4 Jake 2.0 Episodes
    We got to see every episode of Jake 2.0 here in the UK. The last episode #16 – Upgrade aired Thursday night on Sky One.

    I am really disappointed that UPN cancelled the show, it was by far one of my fave shows. The last 4 episodes were easily the best 4 made. Good luck with your campaign.

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