Ender’s Game new writers announced

Anonymous Coward writes, The writers of X-Men 2
screenplay (Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty) have
been hired
by Warner Brothers to write the second draft of the
script. The first draft was written by Orson Scott
Card, based on both Ender’s Game and Ender’s
These guys will also join Bryan Singer
for a 12 issue stint on Ultimate X-Men after
Brian K. Vaughn’s 6 issue run, which starts in May.

4 replies on “Ender’s Game new writers announced”

  1. slow progress…
    I remember hearing about the movie supposedly coming out an couple years ago… It’d be nice if they’d get on it already :)

    Either way, it should be a great movie though.

    • Re: I thought I was logged

      never mind. The anonymous coward is me ;)

      Ah, so you are the one making all the posts across the internet! Hey everyone! It’s the Anonymous Coward!


  2. The big question-
    Who will play Ender? And who Bean? Card has said in interviews that he didn’t believe Enders Game could ever translate to the screen because child actors can’t convey the emotion and intelligence needed to pull it off.. Will be interesting to see how it all ends up (no pun intended).

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