X-Men 2: The New Characters

The IMDB Celebrity News is reporting that Bryan Singer has revealed the new characters for the sequel to last year’s X-Men. The news articles are a pain to link to, so I’ve quoted the content below. This may not be a complete list, given this report on Ain’t It Cool News. (Names are below for those wishing to dodge spoilers.)

The IMDB article is as follows:

Singer Reveals New Characters For Next X-Men

Three exciting new characters will feature in the X-Men sequel.
Writer-director Bryan Singer has revealed that Gambit, Beast and Jubilee
will be introduced in X-Men 2. Filming is tentatively scheduled for early
autumn, with the movie due for release in July 2002. The first film was
shot in Canada, and X-Men 2 could also be filmed there. The Fox studio in
Australia is also being considered. A budget of about $100 million is
expected to be granted, compared to $70 million for the first movie.

Those of us with the DVD version will have the deleted scenes which refer to Jubilee by name, although the character is seen in the final version. Also, the script I read online here had Beast in the first movie. Rumours say he was cut for budget considerations. Pyro and Blob were also in this version. (I found this script via Drew’s Script-O-Rama.)

Which X-Men heroes or villains would you like to see in the sequel?

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  1. AICN Report Note
    I hadn’t checked out the AICN report before posting this, as all their video is in a certain proprietary format that we Linux folks have problems viewing. That was not an official release by any means; just an actor who really wants to play that part.

  2. DVD Easter Eggs
    For those that have the DVD, one of the secret areas within the menus have character sketches for both The Blob and Beast. Pretty slick stuff!

  3. DVDs Features
    The DVD Features And Eggs Were Amazing On The X-Men DVD, The Best Of Which Is The Spiderman Egg (Go To The The Trailers Menu, And From The top Of The List, Press Left And Select The Rose.) I Also Saw The Jubilee, Does Anyone Kinow If That’s Going To Be The Same Jubilee? And How Is A Gambit/Rouge Romance Going To Work If Rouge Isn’t Even Old Enough For A Beer?

  4. Re: Previous Comment
    I don’t know who will be cast as Jubilee. They might as well keep the same actress, if they can, since the character is that young.

    As far as the Rogue/Gambit romance is concerned, they can introduce Gambit when he’s that young. After all, they’ve already taken liberties with the relative ages of characters. (Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Iceman/Bobby Drake are all supposed to be only a few years apart, according to the first issue of X-Men.)

  5. RE: Previous Comment
    Granted, Maybe Even Add A Bit Of A Bobby/Gambit Rivalry. Then Again, They Still have To Deal With Rouge’s Crush On Logan.

    Any Idea’s On The Plot? I Heard 2 Will Be The Dark Pheonix Saga (Cerebro Let It Out When Jean Used It In 1), And That 3 Will Be The Sentinels.

  6. No Plot Yet
    David Hayter was quoted on Sci-Fi Wire the other day, stating that they have to story yet, despite rumours that the script is nearing completion. (David wrote the original, and was recently signed to write the sequel.)

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