2 replies on “Smallville Discussion – “Crisis””

  1. Krypton Giveth, And Krypton Taketh Away…
    When I saw The Begining Of The Episode, I Said To My Sister, “I Hope They Just Have Lighting Strike, and Don’t Make This A Result Of Those Meteor Rocks, Like Everything Else.”

    Then, Later In The Episode, I Saw Lightning Strike The Telephone pole. I Threw My Hands Up, And Mouthed “Yes!” A Moment Later, The Pole Landed On Some Meteor Rocks, Which Did The Green electricity Thing, And I Put My Hands Down.

  2. Oh no…

    Don’t do it, Magnificent Bastard!

    Well, so much for my hopes of Adam becoming Smallville’s version of Bizarro. Would have been a better story, I think, than what we actually got. And they’ve pretty much already done the “Superman Revenge Squad” idea I wanted to see, and not as well as they could have. Damn.

    Adam seems kind of pointless now, doesn’t he? In the end he turned out to be no different than any of the other 6,342 people who’ve tried to kill Lana.

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