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  1. What Happens Next
    A bunch of rabid fans rise from the ashes and demand another network pick up the show. They fail. They demand a DVD be released with the unaired eps. They succeed. Intrigued, Fox picks up the rights to the show from Universal and starts a movie cleverly disguised under a new title like “Decade Suburb”. The movie is a hit, and “Decade Suburb” becomes a top show on the Court TV network.

    Hey, it could happen, right?

  2. What was I thinking
    What in the world was I thinking? I actually watched one and a half episodes of this show. Half becuase it was pushed back and “The Price is Right” took over its first half hour slot and TiVo doesn’t like that. It wasn’t a *bad* show and since it was about lawyers I figured it would have a fighting chance. I don’t understand why the network dosn’t just move the remaining episodes to another time slot and finish airing them.

    • Re: What was I thinking

      I don’t understand why the network dosn’t just move the remaining episodes to another time slot and finish airing them.

      Because they can throw on a couple reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and pull about 200% better ratings.

  3. So is that it for network TV?
    So how many of our old favorite shows would be canned after 3 episodes on
    network TV. Seinfeld? The Simpsons? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Homicide?
    All in the Family?

    After all Quark and Police Squad got at least six episodes before getting the
    midseason replacment axe.

    No I say network TV is dead. Wallowing in mediocraty of Everybody Loves
    Raymond and a sea of bad low cost highly hyped reality shows. Real TV is on
    cable or the second tier of networks where budgets are too small to kill
    something after three shows.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not passign judgement on Century City. Never saw
    the show. But if you only give a show 3 episodes to catch on your never
    going to find those sleeper hits that turn out to be the lifeblood of a network.

  4. Century City gets the axe, or Another one bites the dust
    So far I have liked and lost “Now and Again,” “Firefly” and now I watched “Century City” and enjoyed it. I even set my VCR to record it so I could see some more episodes. I should have known. When I went to watch this possibly great (well, fun) new show there was “The Guardian” in full repeat. Look out “Joan of Arcadia” I like you too.
    I guess “the bachelor” and “top model” and all the other real life shows are what it’s all about now. No more free imagination. For instance, what does really make a man or woman? Is it hormones or physical appendages? The moral and ethical points of the question of whose right is it to choose ones own quality of life make pretty interesting viewing. I guess the media giants, do not want us, the viewing public, to really think. We might realize that the pap they push is not really what we really need and that we should probably not pay for those items that they say we need to own or rent to be happy and fulfilled. Well thanks CBS you have saved me from another hour wasted not to mention another twelve to twenty temptations you could have put in front of me.

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