Wonderfalls cancelled

writes, CNN
reports that Wonderfalls has been cancelled. While I
still wasn’t sure about the show (it seemed almost
like a biting version of Joan of Arcadia), there
where some elements that I did like, and I was
looking forward to the show develop a little more
before passing final judgement.
casualty of Friday night TV.

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  1. Wonderfalls was…well, wonderful
    Wonderfalls was a complete rip off of Joan of Arcadia, but it was funny as hell. I’m going to really miss this show, it had already become something I was watching every week. I’m quite pissed that they only gave the show 4 episodes and didn’t advertise it at all before giving it the axe. I just happened to stumble upon it while flipping channels the first night it was on. I don’t see how any network expects a new show to have a large viewership right from the beginning.

    • Re: Wonderfalls was…well, wonderful

      Wonderfalls was a complete rip off of Joan of Arcadia, but it was funny as hell.

      To me it had the irreverant humor of ‘Dead Like Me’. I am really starting to
      hate fox. They can’t seem to give any show a chance. They’ve cancelled
      every show I’ve liked and put on the most despicible shows ever (the shortest
      groom, celebrity boxing, the new one they’ve been advertising of plasticing
      up women for a beauty show) yet the cancel entertaining shows like
      Wonderfalls, Firefly, Boston Public.

      Some days I wish my TiVo would report what shows I put the big three
      thumbs down on.

  2. eesh….
    this is insane….they moved it to thursday night and I actually watched it…and I loved it. was definitely going to be a keeper. and now it’s already gone?
    holy crap TV sucks.

  3. Of course they cancelled it.
    Of course they cancelled it, they knew I’m slated to be a Neilsen viewer soon and they had to get it off quick before I could help it in the ratings :-(

  4. Wonderfalls was great!
    Let’s face it, FOX are idiots. They figure because a show doesn’t have through the roof ratings in its first couple/few weeks that it’s not going to make a go.

    FOX, wake up you idiots, not all of us like that brain dead pseudo-real crap that people refer to as Reality TV.

    Oh, and Joan of Arcadia? Please, she talks to God not figurines. Besides, Wonderfalls had great humor! Joan of Arcadia is booooring.

    I wonder how long before they cancel the only other show on Fox that I watch – Tru Calling.

    Idiots, I tell you. Idiots.

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