7 replies on “Sci-Fi Channel’s Future Plans, including “Ringworld””

  1. TwistyHat says:

    Good or bad?
    And what do we feel in advanced? I worry that it won’t be good… though it will be interesting to see how they depict Puppeters.

  2. theangrymob says:

    Some Good, Some Bad

    Some of it sounds interesting, Ringworld could be cool. Species III? Gimme a break. As long I don’t have to see anymore “Giant Mutant Animal” films from Sci-Fi, I’ll be happy. What’s next? Gerbils. Oh wait, that’s Nutty Professor II (must…control…heaving…).

  3. dram says:

    Kristin Kreuk Earthsea
    What caught my eye is that Kristin Kreuk will be in Earthsea. That sounds like some good casting!

  4. is says:

    Cool… only prob is that I don’t have Sci-fi. This could suck… or not. I guess it depends on how much they want to screw it up.

    I always thought that it would make a good movie, but a miniseries could be even better as there is so much to see on Ringworld.

  5. pdavis says:

    Not a mini series
    Can we refer to these sci-fi produtions as something other than a mini-series? They are basically two part movies with a running time less than that of some theatrical releases. I miss the days when a mini-series was truly a 6-10 hour production. Don’t get me wrong though, I look forward to seeing them.

    • Timeshredder says:

      Re: Not a mini series

      An old copy of Ringworld that I found got me back into SF after a period of not reading it. I always thought it had the right mix to work as a film, if it were done properly.

  6. Jethro says:

    I’m still shuddering after what they did to Riverworld. Yeeeeeech…

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