7 replies on “Sci-Fi Channel’s Future Plans, including “Ringworld””

  1. Good or bad?
    And what do we feel in advanced? I worry that it won’t be good… though it will be interesting to see how they depict Puppeters.

  2. Some Good, Some Bad

    Some of it sounds interesting, Ringworld could be cool. Species III? Gimme a break. As long I don’t have to see anymore “Giant Mutant Animal” films from Sci-Fi, I’ll be happy. What’s next? Gerbils. Oh wait, that’s Nutty Professor II (must…control…heaving…).

  3. Kristin Kreuk Earthsea
    What caught my eye is that Kristin Kreuk will be in Earthsea. That sounds like some good casting!

  4. Ringworld
    Cool… only prob is that I don’t have Sci-fi. This could suck… or not. I guess it depends on how much they want to screw it up.

    I always thought that it would make a good movie, but a miniseries could be even better as there is so much to see on Ringworld.

  5. Not a mini series
    Can we refer to these sci-fi produtions as something other than a mini-series? They are basically two part movies with a running time less than that of some theatrical releases. I miss the days when a mini-series was truly a 6-10 hour production. Don’t get me wrong though, I look forward to seeing them.

    • Re: Not a mini series

      An old copy of Ringworld that I found got me back into SF after a period of not reading it. I always thought it had the right mix to work as a film, if it were done properly.

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