Manga Review: Nightmare Inspector, Volume 1

This week I’ve got a semi-horror shojo manga.

Title: Nightmare Inspector, Volume 1
Story & Art by Shin Mashiba
Translation by Gemma Collinge
Adaptation by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Touch-Up & Lettering by James Gaubatz

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The Premise

At the Silver Star tea house Hiroko, a dream-eater, works. He will help you confront your worst nightmares, so long as he gets to eat them.

High Point

The literal dreamscapes in this story are dark, brooding, and incredibly well drawn. Each story is also, in turn, very creepy and chilling.

Low Point

I’d describe this as being the nightmare equivalent of Fantasy Island. If that sounds like a minus for you, you should probably skip this comic.


Originality: 4/6
Artwork: 6/6
Story: 4/6
Emotional Response: 4/6
Characterization: 4/6
Flow: 6/6
Overall: 5/6

The total score for Nightmare Inspector, Volume 1 is 33 out of 42.