Saturn Awards released

Lord of the Rings cleaned house at the
Saturn awards for films, while Angel was the
big winner for TV shows. Firefly won the
Saturn award for best DVD release of a TV show. This
Cinescape page
has the full list of winners,
which is considerably longer than these three titles.

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  1. Snippet

    Ironically, WB’s now-cancelled television series ANGEL received the second-most Saturns with 4 in total. Lead actor David Boreanaz took home an award for Best Actor in a Television Series while James Marsters won for Best Supporting Actor (Television) and Amy Acker for Best Supporting Actress (Television). The show also tied with CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION for Best Network Series.

    That’s right – cancel the series that received the 2nd most awards, and tied for Best Network Series.

    And Firefly gets best DVD release of a half-season. Guess there’s hope for the future, but it’ll be a while before network exec realize there’s benefit in something other than reality TV.

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