Manga Review: Mobile Suit Gundam – The Origin, Volume 11

We return to Gundam The Origin as we approach the series dramatic conclusion.

Title: Mobile Suit Gundam – The Origin, Volume 11
Written & Illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Based on the series by Yoshiyuki Tomino
Mechanical Design by Kunio Okawara
Translated by Melissa Tanaka

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The Premise

The time has come for the Earth Federation’s big push against Zeon, with the White Base at the forefront. The fate of Earth and the space colonies comes down to this battle.

High Points

There are just so many in this volume. The firing of A Boa Qu. The death of Lalah Sue. Kycilia avenging Degwin. The start of the Zeon civil war. This volume just goes with tons of impactful moments.

Low Points

The reaction of Zeon troops to Sayla, before they knew who she was, is absolutely disgusting.


Originality: 4/6

Artwork: 6/6

Story: See the high point. 6/6

Emotional Response: Once I started reading this volume, I could not put it down. 6/6

Characterization: 5/6

Flow: 6/6

Overall: I cannot wait until I get the chance to read Volume 12. 6/6

In total, Gundam; the Origin, Volume 11 gets 39 out of 42.