So, exactly how long do I need to wait before I can
own this on DVD?

Cast and Crew


Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

August Richards

as Charles Gunn

as Illyria



Written by Jeffrey Bell and Joss Whedon

Directed by Jeffrey Bell

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Original Airdate

Not Fade Away originally aired on Wednesday,
May 19, 2004.


Angel and friends take on the Circle of the Black

High Point

“One word.”

The wardrobe specifications came close, but not close
enough. The
reasons for coffee were also good. “It’s on the
desk” is a classic
line, as is the comment after feeding time, and the
trophy plan, and
the volunteer, the last line of dialogue, and, well,
a hell of a lot of the rest.

Low Point

Did they suddenly stop monitoring everywhere? It
just seems like
certain aspects of the plan should have been known.

Putting one particular image in the ads also ruined a
pretty good
surprise in the way they tied off one of the
characters, too.

The Review

You want originality? Look at how they
ended the series. I
give it 6 out of 6.

The effects on most of the episode were very
good. The only
complaint I have was that one of the instances of CGI
looked like it
was an instance of CGI. (I don’t want to say more,
but it’s related
to Angel’s last line of dialogue.) I give it 6 out
of 6, as that bit
was so minor.

The story had only the one major problem
listed above. The
rest really moved, and they made some decisions that
are hard to make
on network television, but work perfectly for the
tone of this
series. This may have had the best final scene of
any series. I give
it 5 out of 6. I want to give it 6, but that problem
is just too big
to ignore.

The acting was very well done. Some
characters came to a
close, and others have well deserved endings. The
actors sold their
roles well, and were completely convincing. I give
it 6 out of 6.

The emotional response was excellent. I was
psyched going
in, and not dissappointed. I love it when a series
can make decisions
that most network execs wouldn’t be happy with, and
this show did it.
It’s a magnificent way to go out. I give it 6 out of

The production was, again, a Mutant Enemy
high. Joss Whedon
considered taking over as director of this episode,
but after talking
it over with Jeffrey Bell and comparing notes, he
decided Bell was
better suited to the job. Whedon is a good director,
but he made the
right choice. I give it 6 out of 6.

Overall, it’s a fabulous way to go out.
It’s a series that
will be missed, but it ended well. I give it 6 out
of 6.

In total, Not Fade Away receives 41 out of