4 replies on “Red Dwarf Cruising Towards Production”

  1. Red Dwarf
    Red Drarf seemed to peak around series 3-6. Since

    then, I just haven’t been able to get excited about it.

    Maybe it’s because they got a bigger budget and did

    away with the cardboard sets…. I’m so used to the

    ‘BBC look’ for English sci-fi that I began to

    subconsciously associate it with the big budget, bland

    rubbish produced by the US.

  2. those bastards
    i totally and wholeheartedly agree with para_droid.

    we all know that anything set in space is going to

    be absolutely loaded with expensive effects.

    why can’t they just stick with the old style?

    they’d save money by doing so, and they’d

    save their original fans a lot of pain.

  3. Curses!
    Tails makes a whole post without significant errors? Well, darnit… I suppose this means now I have to implement comment previews. (Long bizarre inside jokes go here.) I was hoping to dodge that one for a while, because it’ll be a pain, because I’m an idiot who wrote really stupid code. (The comment display code is tied to the database layout, for those who care about such things.)

    Sucks to be me, I guess…

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