“Mickey’s Christmas Carol” on DVD

Just a heads up: those of us who want to own
Mickey’s Christmas Carol on DVD can get it
if we act fast. Rather than getting its own release,
for the moment anyway, it’s out on Walt Disney
Treasuries – Mickey Mouse in Living Color Part
. Like all of the Treasuries collections,
Disney produces only limited quantities. (175,000 in
this case; most DVDs sell in the millions.) It was
released on May 18, so it’s still available, but
it’ll sell out of regular stores quickly, and then
quadruple in price when it hits eBay. It’s still in
stock at Amazon.com.
I picked up copies of this and Walt Disney
Treasureies – The Chronological Donald Vol. 1
which covers 1934-1941, from Amazon.ca this week.

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  1. P.S
    If you’re searching for it, it’s called Walt Disney Treasures, not Treasuries.

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