Greatest Fantasy TV Tournament: Week 14

Sorry this wasn’t ready yesterday. I’m dealing with the mother of all sinus infections, and it just flat out slipped my mind. You can vote here.

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  1. Forever Knight. Loved that show. In fact all of crime time after prime time was good.

    • I only caught that on occasion but really enjoyed it, even though I don’t recall it being especially well-done most of the time, it was still great. Sadly, nobody has that for streaming anywhere that I can find.

      Lots of good, old properties like that which seem to be nowhere now, some not even on DVD. I really wish Strange Luck would pop up somewhere, but it’s probably collecting dust in a vault somewhere, forgotten.

      • Yeah, well-done doesn’t necessarily mean not great.

        It had a fun campy vibe to it a lot of the time.

    • Yeah, I’d love to get Strange Luck on disc.

      I thought Forever Knight was great at the time, but the series ending really didn’t do it justice and some of the episodes don’t hold up well…

      • Angel before Angel, and set in Toronto. I never watched regularly, but I saw one episode because an acquaintance had a bit part. I knew a lot of small-time bit-part actors in the 90s, so I was forever catching one episode of a show or some dubious movie because someone I knew had a small part.

        • Yeah, someone on Angel‘s production team definitely watched Forever Knight. ;-)

    • As much as I liked what I saw of Forever Knight, I find it difficult to part with cash to see it again. Too much out there yet to stream that I’m already paying for and haven’t seen.

      Also… Season 1 of FK is $8, season 2 is $6, season 3 is… $85?! Must be out of print.

      I posted a message to Shout Factory a while back about Strange Luck, I really wish someone would at least put out a low-quality DVD release, better than nothing. Can’t even find it to download. I have most of it dubbed on VHS from when it was on, but I haven’t had a VHS player connected to anything in ages.

  2. Sleepy Hollow was tough, for me. The first season started so intelligently, with interesting characters and great writing. There was so much potential!

    But it’s been a pretty steep, downhill slope since then. :-(

    • Have to agree on that. I’m voting based on the series as a whole, so while the first season alone might have (just) got an “Above Average”, the second and especially the third pulled it way back down in my estimation and I went with “Below Average”. Given that the fourth season will lack the Abbie-Ichabod chemistry and the new direction hinted at the end of season three, I’m not at all convinced that trajectory is going to level out with season four either

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