Ringworld’s Children official site

Larry Niven has forwarded a message from Tor to the
larryniven-l discussion list, asking for people to be
made aware of the official
Ringworld’s Children page
of Tor’s
website. It was released on June 1. I have my copy
already, but I want to reread The Ringworld
first; I’m 41 pages into that one.
Expect both books to be reviewed by the end of the
summer. (Ringworld and The Ringworld
have already been reviewed; see this
while I still have that webspace.) UPDATED: Title changed from Ringworld’s Throne official site to Ringworld’s Children official site to match the actual content of the article.

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  1. Where the hell have I been?
    It’s now 6/23, and I’m just now hearing about this? WTF!!!!!

    It’s too late, and I’m too tired, but I guess I’ll be buying a book tomorrow……

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