This week’s DVD picks

There are some pretty neat sci-fi and fantasy DVDs
coming out this week. Here’s a little list of the
ones that are tempting me, and those that I’ve
already pre-ordered online.

The June 29 releases include:

  • Spider-Man:
    The ’67 Collection
    : This is the complete 52
    episode run of the original cartoon series in a 6 DVD
    set. I preordered mine weeks ago.
  • Dracula:
    Dead and Loving It
    : This one wasn’t
  • Land
    of the Lost: Complete First Season
    : I pre-ordered
    it because I have this compulsion to own copies of
    everything Larry Niven has ever written. Niven is
    just one of the writers our readers may recognize:
    Ben Bova, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold, Walter Koenig,
    and Theodore Sturgeon are also on the list, although
    I’m not sure how many other contributed to this
    particular season. (It’s the 1974 series, so there
    were three seasons.)
  • Spider-Man
    vs. Doc Ock
    contains five episodes from the 1990s
    series and two from 1967. (Gee, think they’re trying
    to cross-promote?) This one isn’t on pre-order,
    although I might get the series if they ever release
    it in season sets.
  • Wonder
    Woman: The Complete First Season
    is also
    available, but I haven’t ordered it. Rumour has it
    that this, Challenge
    of the Super-Friends Vol. 1
    , and Batman:
    The Animated Series Vol. 1
    (the last of which I
    did pre-order; both animated shows are out on July 6)
    will all contain coupons for up to $12 off a ticket
    to Catwoman. If my Batman set
    (which contains the first 28 episodes, about a third
    of the complete series) does contain one, expect to
    see that movie reviewed here.
  • X-Men:
    Evolution: Enemies Unveiled
    : Yet another in a
    long line of super-hero themed releases. I think I
    see a trend here…

These are the DVD releases that stand out this week.
I can continue to do these every week, if there is
enough interested (measured both by discussion and
page views.) On the horizon, we’ve got the Babylon
5: The Movie Collection
due August 17 (also on
pre-order) The
original Star Wars trilogy
, is due out on
September 21, although official word hasn’t come down
on which version they’ll be, or even if it’s a
version we’ve seen before. (We’ll try and get you
that information as soon as it’s available,
officially released or not.) The
THX-1138 Director’s Cut
comes out the week before
on September 14, presumably to boost sales with the
general George Lucas hype that’ll be all over the
place. The fourth
season of Angel
is due September 7, as well, with
the final season of Buffy expected to follow
in October.

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  1. Keep it up…
    Go ahead… Give it to us weekly. It”l just emphasize to me how much I hate not having spending money.

    Ah, well…At least it gives me a place to look when I do start rolling in dough.

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