Manga Review: Biomega – Volume 2

This week I’m continuing with Tsutomu Nihei’s body-horror action manga Biomega.

Title: Biomega – Volume 2
Story & Art by Tsutomu Nihei
Translation by John Werry
English Adaptation by Stan!
Touch-Up and Lettering by Primary Graphix
Design by Sam Elzway
Edited by Mike Montera and Andrew McKeon

Available from

The Premise

Eon Green has been captured by the DRF. Doichi is heading out to rescue Eon, while another agent for Toa Heavy Industries, Nisha Mizunoe, tries to rescue Doctor Koslov Grebnev to find out what the DRF’s end goal is.

High Points

The action scenes in this volume are amazing, from Zoichi’s escape from DRF forces in the ruins of Toa Heavy Industries, and Nishu and Kozlof fending off a DRF operative while riding one of the super-motorcycles along the top of a train.

Low Points

I feel like there would be more global resistance to the DRF. From what we see in this volume, Zoichi and Nishu are the only people willing to fight back.


Originality: 4/6
Art: 6/6
Story: 4/6
Emotional Response: 4/6
Characterization: 4/6
Flow: 5/6
Overall: 5/6

In Total, Biomega volume 2 gets 32 out of 42