Buffy moving to UPN

It’s official. UPN has picked up Buffy The Vampire Slayer for a two year contract, at $2.3M per episode. I just hope they keep the same broadcast deals they have with the current Canadian broadcasters. I don’t get the WB or UPN up here…

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  1. Is anything likely to change?
    I’m just wondering if any of the show format may change now that it’s moving? Buffy has had some amazing shows recently and I don’t want them to have to change anything to make a new network happy. Does anyone know if this sort of thing happen often?

  2. Change in show
    There have been a few shows that jumped networks, but “The Simpsons” and “Deep Space Nine” are the only ones I watched after the jump. (I think both went ABC -> Fox.) These two worked well. The others that jumped were shows I’ve never watched to begin with, so I can’t judge.

    I expect creative control was a major point of debate, which could be why they landed on UPN and not ABC, which was also in on the bidding.

  3. Huh? I think you’re thinking of afiliates.
    The Simpsons were ALWAYS on Fox, as they were a byproduct of the Tracy Ullman show. And DS9 was never an ABC nor a Fox show. It was syndicated, meaning any local station could run it if they bought the shows. Voyager is a UPN property, but it’s also rerun in syndication on local affiliates. So maybe your local ABC station lost the rights in your market and the local Fox affiliate outbid them, but the ABC nor Fox Networks never had DS9.

  4. Cross-Promos?
    We all know UPN is big-time into cross promotional appearences (The Rock on Voyager, Jeri Ryan on The Sentinal). Who knows, we may Sarah Michelle Gellar on the next Star Trek! Or maybe this head cold is starting to really mess with my mind…

  5. Simpsons on ABC
    I’m Canadian, so I get my feed of American networks off the West coast. The Simpsons and Deep Space Nine may have always been produced by Fox, but ABC was airing new episodes of them for a few years. (I didn’t even get Fox for a few years when they premiered, but I could watch them.) When Fox got teh broadcast rights in Canada, they moved to Fox within a few seasons. Maybe seeing them on ABC was a temporary deal, made to get their shows into the Canadian markets; I was too young to care. (Junior High/High School age.)

  6. UPN And Crossovers
    Lets Hope. I Know That I Love Watching Buffy/Angel, And The One Thing I Always Wanted To See Were Some Crossovers, Like How About A Three hours Event, Starting On Buffy, Continuing On Angel, And Ending On Charmed (Paranormal, In California, Why Not?) Maybe UPS Will Do Some Things like That, But If They Do, I Hope They Don’t Make The Really Dumb Crossovers I’ve Seen, Like When The Rock Was on Voyanger. That Was One Of The Dumbers Moves I’d Ever Seen, And One Of The Reasons I quit Watching Voyager.

    I Didn’t Read The Article Yet (I’m On My Way), But Will This Have An Effect On Angel?

  7. Effects on Angel
    I have not seen an official announcement about the effects on Angel. The rumours I’ve heard say that UPN is willing to pick it up should the WB cancel it. (That’s probably not likely, since it’s still doing well, and hasn’t had the same budget dispute as Buffy.)

  8. likely to change?
    The write-ups say that the per-episode budget (the sticking point in the negotiations) is going from about $1M to $2.3M, and UPN is saying (famous last words) that they’re going to basically give Whedon a free hand. With Voyager ending this season, they’re probably desperate to get **SOMETHING** on the air that will keep the fanboys watching their netlet…

  9. crossovers?
    I suspect that without the lead-in from Buffy, that WB will want to hang up on Angel as well after this season. Probably just as well – Fox & ABC may be willing to do a cross-network crossover for David Kelley (Ally McBeal/The Practice), but I don’t see WB & UPN cozying up for a Buffy/Angel crossover, especially after this.

  10. Agreed
    I Doubt That UPN And The WB Would Co-Operate For A Buffy/Angel Crossover, But Would They Have To?

    I Mean, Couldn’t Fox Just Actually Film One And Send A Half Out To Each?

    Also: Sorry, In My Earlier Post, I Meant UPN, Not UPS. Last I Checked, UPS Wasn’t Developing Television Shows, At Least Nothing More Than Bad Training Videos They force Us Employees To Watch.

  11. I have a question
    Today is May 1, 2001. I just saw that Buffy the Vampire Slayer has three episodes left and the last is the series finale. I understand that the show is moving to UPN. My question is whether or not the show is still going to air new episodes or if UPN is just going to show re-runs? I didn’t understand. I hope it is not ending permenantly.

  12. Answer:
    New episodes. One of the sticking points in the network negotiations was the actors’ salaries (and other such silliness).

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