Smallville’s Lois Lane

writes, They Seem To Have Chosen A Lois
For Smallville. There Are Some Spoilers, So
Be Careful Of The Link.

The Short Version Was That Lois Lane Will Be Played
By Erica
, Who Comes To Smallville To Investigate
Her Cousin’s Death.
I was hoping for Missy
myself, but I realized that likely
wouldn’t happen after they cast her in

4 replies on “Smallville’s Lois Lane”

    • Re: Spoilers
      I refuse to believe that they’d really kill Chloe. Scar, maim, cause her to go into hiding, sure, but not kill.

      • Re: Spoilers

        I’d agree, especially since we’d heard that Sam Jones was leaving, but nothing about Allison Mack.

        Then again, if they are getting rid of Chloe and somehow, against all odds, managed to keep that info under wraps, then kudos to them!

        • Re: Spoilers
          I’m Pretty Skeptical On That As Well, But They Did Attempt To Show Her Being Blown Up. I Think I Might Be Tainted By Joss, Believing Characters Could Actually Get killed At Any Time, But…

          …Well, We’ll See.

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