Manga Review: Knights of Sidonia, Volume 3

Having wrapped up one Nihei series, we’re continuing with his latest series.

Written & Illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei
Translation by Kumar Sivasubramanian

Available from and RightStuf

The Premise

After an attack on a Gauna, Tanikaze and his squad mates retrieve a sample of placental Gauna, which takes the form of the downed pilot Shizuka Hoshijiro. From there, we have an extended flashback which reveals who Tanikaze’s grandfather was, and which also sets up some events leading to the start of the manga.

High Points

This volume continues to effectively show just how alien the Gauna are. Also, the flashback, which I didn’t know the needed before it happened, set up some interesting mysteries.

Low Points

However, the transition to the flashback itself was rather jarring. I had to flip back to the last chapter to see if the flashback had occurred at all – I can’t imagine how jarring this might be if you were reading it serialized in a magazine.


Why did Ochai delete the Sidonia’s library? (Also, why was there a way to do that?) Why did Ochai space the Kabizashis?


Originality: 5/6

Art: 6/6

Story: Aside from one plot issue (why are you able to delete your library on your last-hope-for-humanity arc ship?) the book is plotted really well. 4/6

Emotional Response: 5/6

Characterization: We don’t see enough of Ochai before his betrayal to feel really betrayed. 4/6

Flow: 6/6

Overall: We have a bunch of new questions this volume – about the Sidonia and the Gauna, and I’m looking forward to the answers. 5/6

In total, Knights of Sidonia volume 3 gets 35 out of 42.