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  1. seems to be holding up pretty good sofar – SPOILERS
    I like the direction the series is goin in with the grouping of the 4400 into
    their own “club” (which I suspect might be a source for the press leak).

    I still don’t understand why it took Shawn so long to decide to use

    The Knox angle was intresting, though not developed enough.

    With ( 4400 – 3 = ) 4397 stories left to tell (or still being told) this
    premise seems like it could work very well as a full fledged series (not mini)

    The alien baby secret seems like stupid one to keep but I guess stupidity
    leads to the big f-ups. But even with that, this weeks episode was a good deal
    better than last weeks (stupid guy didn’t think of knives or guns?!?!?)

    ok, i’ve wasted enought time already. Just watch it!

  2. first one for me
    I just watched this week’s episode (missed the others) and I think it’s got a pretty good premise. I like that cop, the AF guy from ‘Taken’; playing the skeptic really suits him.

    Also, that Collier guy gives off this weird Televangelist vibe.

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