Greatest Fantasy TV Tournament: Week 41, Round 7

We are down to four candidates, and you can vote on them here. The brackets to date can be seen here. For the first time ever in Bureau 42’s tournaments, the final four titles are the four titles with the highest ranks after the first round.

2 replies on “Greatest Fantasy TV Tournament: Week 41, Round 7”

  1. I really love the idea of the final vote being Buffy vs Angel, but I couldn’t in all honesty vote for Angel over the original Twilight Zone. Angel was awesome — even with the season we don’t talk about — but the original Twilight Zone was an amazing work.

    Thanks for doing all this for us, Blaine! :-D

    • I’m actually surpised Angel rated in the top 4 – I liked it, and it was a good show, but not that good IMO

      I’ve been dreading this week as I figured it would probably come down to something like this weeks ago, and neither choice was going to be easy – in fact, no matter how you might rearrange this week’s brackets, there would still be at least one nightmare decision for me. On the plus side, next week’s final is going to be a doddle by comparison.

      Also, +1 for Blaine! Love these tournaments too!

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