This week, I’m including some of the forthcoming DVD
product announcements (primarily TV releases) along
with the list of interesting titles coming on August

This week’s genre releases include:

This week’s non-genre releases include:

  • I
    : This is a Criterion Collection
    release. I’ve never seen a Criterion Collection
    release I’ve been unhappy with. They’re also the
    only releases that have completely transparent layer
    changes on my DVD players.

Most of the upcoming DVD product news is TV product,
because those are the article I get mailed to me
courtesy of TV
Shows on DVD
. This week saw additional extras
listed for the upcoming Looney
Tunes: The Golden Collection Vol. 2
due November
2, the third season of Smallville is due on
November 16, the fifth season of Angel is
due some time in February 2005, the second
season of Quantum Leap
has been delayed from
October 26 to December 14, the first season of
Tru Calling is due November 30, the seventh
season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is due
November 16, the extras due on the second season of
Land of the Lost have been revealed for its
September 28 release date, the fifth
season of Xena
will be out on October 19, the first
season of Gargoyles
is due on December 7, and the
second season of Forever Knight is due on
January 4, 2005 despite some miserable sales of the
first season

Next week doesn’t look all that interesting, either,
but looking ahead to September 7 shows a completely
different story.