Movie Discussion – “Hero”

y42 writes, This tale of historical fiction is not exactly sci-fi, but it is wire-fu,
which I consider part of the genre at large on the basis that it takes a
scientific fact (people do extraordinary thing through martial arts
training) and pushes it beyond reality.
One could make an argument that this is fantasy. It may be a weak argument, but I’m seriously considering seeing the movie this weekend, so I might as well get opinions from you excellent people before shelling out admission prices.

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  1. y42 says:

    Go see it on a big screen
    This is a fantastically gorgeous movie, no TV could do it justice.

    And pay attention to the context under which the most fantastic
    moments of wire-fu are performed. Can’t say more without going into spoiler
    territory : )

  2. Dr|ft says:

    Definetly worth seeing
    The only way this could have been better is if I understood chinese…

  3. djerman says:

    Don’t wait!
    Go see it now. Right now. Are you still reading? Stop! Go see it now!

    You’re back? Are you insane, man? Go see it again!

    This is the prettiest wire-fu flick ever. Remember the lush bamboo-striding scenes from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? — hours of that stuff here, great attention paid to enhancing the wire-fu through use of color, scenery and appropriate effects.

  4. vanyel says:

    Very visually stunning
    …and an interesting story where things aren’t always what they seem ending with interesting ethical questions along the lines of does the end justify the means and how far are you willing to go for honor? I wasn’t that impressed with the all too obvious “wire-fu” — I thought Crouching Tiger did it better and much more naturally, but everything else was extremely well done. I give it an 8, pushing 9.

    • y42 says:

      Re: Very visually stunning

      I wasn’t that impressed with the all too obvious “wire-fu” — I thought
      Crouching Tiger did it better and much more naturally


      The only thing I didn’t like about Tiger & Dragon was the lesser wire-fu
      compared to what I’m used to seeing. I was actually impressed with the
      quality in this.

      Your opinion confuses me.

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