Greatest Science Fiction Novel Tournament: Week One, Round One

This year’s tournament is seeking to find the greatest science fiction novel of all time. The majority of entries were drawn from Hugo and Nebula award nominees and winners. This week’s vote takes place here.

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  1. I wonder how much useful data will come from the first round. 23 out of 24 “never read” though I think I might have read one other of them but don’t remember it. Of course, I may just be atypical of the denizens of this site, too.

    Also, unrelated whinge: what is the point of the double login? What problem does it solve other than annoying site users?

    • I’m guessing it’s a long list of books that need to be whittled down for the actual brackets, so I’m not surprised there are a lot of “Never reads” at this point. I’m fully intending to go though the ones I’ve never read that make the brackets and see if they might be worth adding to my reading list though, but if we can have a list of those that don’t make it so people that have read them can make any recommendations that would be good too.

      Not getting a double login here. I get logged out from time to time, but I’m assuming that’s just normal cookie expiration and/or a combination of not posting for a while.

    • The average voter has read 21% of the books on the list, and only 22% of the titles listed in round one are going to go on to round two. If this is typical, we may have issues in rounds 2 and 3 that come from having a fair number of people who haven’t read a significant portion of the titles on the list, but rounds 4 and up should be pretty solid. There are 576 titles in this round, with every Hugo and Nebula nominee, a few older books that predate that list, and more to fill in gaps in series that were already represented.

    • I also only had one title read (American Gods). I thought I had two, but one turned out to be a different book from one of the authors listed.

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