Weekly DVD News and Releases

I apologize for this coming a day late. I was
offline for a while, enjoying a weekend in the

First, the DVD news. One of our previous news
articles is now out of date;
the releases of Batman: The Animated Series Vol.
and Superman:
The Animated Series Vol. 1
have been delayed
until January 25, 2004. Fortunately, December 7 is
still a good day to shop. Babylon 5:
has just been added to that release
date, complete with all thirteen episodes. If you’ve
got a lot of money to burn, Species 3 will
also be out that day in both R-rated and unrated
versions. If you’d rather “try before you buy,” the
Sci-Fi channel will be hosting the broadcast premier
on November 28, presumably in the R-rated version.
Furthermore, it looks like The Marvel
, a daily syndicated series from the
same era as the Spider-Man series just
reviewed here, will also be out, but not until late
June in 2005. (That should give us all time to
budget for it.)

This week’s genre picks include:

This week’s non-genre picks include:

Remember, these titles go on sale on Tuesday,
September 7.