Weekly DVD News and Releases

These are some of the releases coming out on
September 21.

Some of you may be wondering what we do with what
little we make off our referrals to Amazon.com and
Amazon.ca. Well, we spend it on material that helps
us add to the content of the site. The first
Amazon.ca referal cheque covered a copy of
Stargate SG-1 Season Four for hitch’s
. The second one covers a very large
portion of the Star
Wars Episodes 4-6
DVD set I’ll be picking up
Tuesday, with plans to review a movie a night from
Tuesday to Thursday. Thank you to everyone who
bought stuff through our referrals! Of course, the
down side to a release expected to be this big is
that there are only two other kinds of titles
released in the same week. There will be absolute
garbage in the same genre, intended to cash in on
browsers, and there will be high quality stuff that
appeals to a completely different demographic.

First, the genre releases of the week:

Now, the non-genre releases of the week:

2 replies on “Weekly DVD News and Releases”

  1. Flash Gordon
    Yuck, the Xtreme Tenn with rocket skate-surf-board edition.

    Also features one of my sci-fi fantasy pet peeves: sexy lizard women with
    breasts. Jeez, don’t these people know where the word “mammal”
    comes from? I
    guess its hard to draw a sexy, flat-chested chick. Sigh…

  2. Star Wars Audio Problems
    You might wanna check the review at The Digital Bits before rushing out to buy Star Wars, apparently there are some sound problems on “A New Hope”, the big one being that the score is flipped on the rear channels… Lucasfilm mysteriously disagrees…

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