Emmy Awards Given

If you check out the
official Emmy website
, you’ll find a Word
document that lists the winners at this year’s Emmy
awards. Enterprise went home with two
technical awards, while Angels In America
cleaned house as the big winner, with four technical
awards and seven awards in the main ceremony. Next
year’s ceremony is certain to look much different;
four of the biggest winners won’t be on the air next
year. (Sex and the City, Frasier,
and The Sopranos have all wrapped their
final seasons, while Angels in America was a
miniseries, now out on DVD, that was never intended
to run more than a few weeks.) The West
is already down to being a single award
winner. So, what do we see on the horizon that might
make an impact? What do you predict for the next big

2 replies on “Emmy Awards Given”

  1. Sopranos Not Done
    Unless something has changed since June/July, Sopranos is supposed to have one more season which begins production next year. Supposedly, it might not air until 2006 which would mean that your observation about the next Emmy presentation would still be entirely correct. :)

  2. Awards shows have sucked recently
    Anyone else notice how almost all awards shows have just sucked recently? The MTV awards (movie and music) used to be fun and entertaining. Same with the other big awards shows (Oscars, American Music Awards), but they’ve all sucked. As a rock fan, there is far too much hip hop in the MTV awards (especially the performers). And with the Emmys and Oscars, too much political crap. I don’t care what Meryl Streep thinks about George Bush. And Michael Moore can kiss my proud American ass too (he should do a documentary on the streets of Fallujah…please!!!) But that’s not my point. Hollywood has become too political and has lost sight of what we, the fans, want. We want them to entertain us. Not to preach their left (or right) winged rhetoric to us. Just shut up and make movies! The political climate of Hollywood makes these awards shows worse and worse each yeah. I don’t even watch the MTV ones anymore. And they’re suppose to be the fun ones!!

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