2 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Novel Tournament – Week Eight, Round One”

  1. After a few weeks of these, I’m actually interested to see what percentage of respondants have read each of the books on the list.

    As someone said in response to an earlier vote, at the very least this has served to make me aware of some books I might want to read at some point. Well, quite a few more than “some”.

    • There’s a lot of “Never read it” votes for me too, but also quite a few books getting added to my reading list. I suspect part of the problem is the selection method; across many media genres what is popular and what is considered worthy of an award are two different sets that might not have a huge overlap. There’s also all the agenda pushing that has become very apparent in the selection and voting processes over the last several years to think about, so it might be interesting how those novel’s votes stack up too.

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